We take the first word in PERSONAL COACHING very serious. As we all know every person is different from nature, but also in his private or professional situation.


In stead of starting off with a training program, we talk… to get an insight in your history, your goals.

During this meeting we will also discuss our collaboration during our kickoff.

We take this intake very serious!


To measure is to know. After a few weeks of training together we will start our testings. During the first few weeks we will collect all data to create a perfect protocol for our testings. During this test we will measure your strengths, capabilities, weaknesses and relate them to our goals. A test is a measurement of your fitness an perfect tool to adapt our program and define the road to your goal. 


Coaching is a two-way operation. All your trainings will be stored online in MYCOACHBOX.COM. Using Coachbox facilitates our working as we receive all data and even your comments online in a handy screen. The choice for Coachbos its because the program is both versatile as functional and easy-to-use.

During our individual or group trainings, as well as during our phone meetings we can further discuss the workouts and their further implementation in your daily program.